Sound ID announces Bluetooth headset, CompanionLink remote microphone

Sound ID has announced the Sound ID 400, a Bluetooth headset that brings back the Environmental Mode from past Sound ID headsets.

Sound ID 400
Sound ID 400 Sound ID

We've been fans of Sound ID headsets in the past, and so have many of you, so we're pleased to see the company come out with its latest and greatest headset, the Sound ID 400.

Taking the form factor of the Sound ID 300 but combining it with the high-end technology of the Sound ID SM100, the Sound ID 400 is quite possibly the company's best headset yet. It has a rather slim and nondescript appearance, but underneath that are quite a few features. They include up to three "Personal Sound" listening modes that promise to improve speech clarity without volume, and "Environmental Mode" so you don't have to take the headset off to hear sounds around you.

Last but not least, the Sound ID 400 is compatible with an optional Sound ID CompanionLink Remote Microphone. This yet-to-be-released CompanionLink device can be clipped on to a sound source--say another person--so you can hear it better. It essentially acts as a single focus hearing aid, which seems especially useful in noisy environments.

Other features include NoiseNavigation, which is the company's noise-canceling and DSP technology, and multi-point technology that lets you connect up to two devices at once. Both the Sound ID 400 and the Sound ID CompanionLink Remote Microphone will be available later this year for $129.99 and $79.99 each.

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