Sony's turn to leak a laptop--the Vaio TT

Sony's turn to leak a laptop - the ultraportable Vaio TT

We've seen a bunch of new laptop models from Sony in the past couple of weeks, including the 15-inch Vaio NS, the 14-inch Vaio CS , and the whopping 18-inch Vaio AW .

Sony's apparently has one more new laptop model in the offing (that we know of), and this one is on the opposite end of the spectrum from the 18-inch Vaio AW. It's the ultraportable 11-inch Vaio TT, and according to the online rumor mill, Sony is going to officially announce it sometime Monday.

How do people find out about new systems like this before they're officially announced? Some of the information comes from eagle-eyed inspection of publicly available FCC documents, and, it always helps when someone finds and leaks a few new unreleased advertisements, like the ones below.

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