Sony's mystery revealed: first OLED TV

Teaser site was circulating only a few days.

Sony's OLED TVs at this year's CES show CNET Networks

If Sony wants to be effective in this mystery marketing game, it's going to have to be more patient. Unlike B&O's "Serenata" campaign, which made us wait weeks before letting the secret out, Sony's latest product went live only days after its teaser site began to circulate in earnest.

But no matter. It turns out that the box under wraps was what it called the world's first OLED TV, referring to its ultra-thin and flexible screen technology that uses organic light-emitting diodes. The energy-efficient TV is just 3 millimeters thick and will sell for $1,740 beginning December 1 in Japan.

Sony OLED prototypes

The 11-inch set won't send masses rushing to buy it, but Sony is anxious to take the lead in this market because competitors are close on its heels. It's also hoping that OLED TVs will eventually overtake plasmas and LCDs as the screen of choice.

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