Sony's music robot egg thing

Sony is staying mysterious over its latest product, named Rolly.

It's the Sony Rolly, the product that nobody understands WTF it is! Of all the rumors, the one I like best (and sounds somewhat plausible), is that it's another Aibo-esque Sony robotic-pet product. This time, however, it looks like a little beer keg and possibly uses cameras and mirrors enclosed under its little animated hinged flaps to look around and interact with you. Sony's not offering up many clues here, but I think the theories on what this thing is are probably more interesting than the reality.

Anybody else want to take a guess? Music player? Wi-Fi-enabled e-mail notifier? Dance coach? Ridiculously expensive companion for your dusty Robosapien? Be sure to watch the last 10 seconds of the video to glimpse the actual scale of the Rolly.

(via Engadget)

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