Sony Vaio C1: Colourful laptops

Sony has taken a break from churning out silver and black laptops to give us a range of funky colourful ones

Hats off to Sony's design team -- they've just cooked up what could be the sexiest laptops of the year. Derivative black and silver designs will now take a back seat to the Vaio C1 series, which comes in a range of colours: black, green, silver, pink and grey.

The jury's still out on the radioactive phlegm-green version, but the rest of them look pretty enough. Check out the colour highlights around the mouse touchpad -- tres nice indeed.

The C1 series comes with a 13.3-inch widescreen display and weighs a manageable 2.3kg, so it's perfect for posing on the train. It uses a nippy 1.66GHz Core 2 Duo processor and 1GB of RAM, plus you get 100GB or 120GB of hard-disk space to store your junk. There's even an Nvidia GeForce Go 7400 graphics card, which won't shy away from games.

The C1 series will only set you back £999 from the Sony Style Web site, which is pretty remarkable considering it's a Vaio. We'll conduct a full review as soon as we get our mitts on one. -RR

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