Sony unveils RDP-X50iP speaker dock

Sony releases details on its new portable speaker dock for the Apple iPhone and iPod, named RDP-X50iP. The speaker boasts a 40-watt digital amplifier, aux input, and remote control, and sells for around $200.

Photo of the Sony RDP-X50iP portable speaker dock.
The Sony RDP-X50iP portable speaker dock is compatible with both the iPhone and iPod. Sony

Sony may have lost the MP3 player battle, but it still knows a thing or two about making small, powerful speaker systems.

As evidence, we have the newly announced iRDP-X50iP, a portable speaker dock made for the Apple iPhone and iPod that boasts 40 watts of power in an elegant, minimal design.

With an asking price of $199, the iRDP-X50iP includes a bass reflex speaker design, aux input, remote control with full iPod control functionality, Mega Bass audio enhancement circuitry, soft-touch controls, and certified compatibility with the iPhone and recent iPods.

Sony's press release for the iRDP-X50iP emphasizes its portable size (14.1 inches by 6.3 inches by 6 inches), but stops short of advertising any possibility for battery-powered operation.

There's no official word on when the iRDP-X50iP will hit store shelves, but some online retailers already have it available for preorder.

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