Sony prices latest 3D headset

Compared with its predecessor, the new HMZ-T2, which costs $900, is lighter and supports native film speed.


Remember the original Sony HMZ-T1 3D headset? The company has just developed an updated version, which will retail for 70,000 yen ($900) when it launches in Japan on October 13. The HMZ-T2 is not only 20 percent lighter than its predecessor, its redesigned head strap is supposedly more comfortable.

Other key new features include:

  • Independently adjustable OLED lenses
  • Native 24-frames-per-second film speed compatibility via a 24p True Cinema function
  • Smoother onscreen motion, thanks to the extra Standard and Clear panel drive modes
  • Game video mode
  • Earphone jack

Admittedly, these enhancements aren't exactly significant, though this didn't stop Sony from pricing the HMZ-T2 at $100 higher than the old model.

(Source: Crave Asia)

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