Sony phone has multiple personalities

That's why it folds in such odd ways

Akihabara News

This reminds us of one of those complicated wallets that folds five ways, with all kinds of pockets that never get used. But the Sony Ericsson W44S does have a legitimate reason for its odd Siamese-twin design because it's trying to be multiple devices at one time: a multimedia phone with a TV tuner, 3.2-megapixel camera and 115MB of internal memory that can record and play video. The "dual-hinge" clamshell can be twisted in different directions, according to Mobile Magazine, for use like a traditional flip phone or a PDA. (You have to see the photos to understand what we're trying to say.)

Unfortunately, pricing and availability are still unknown at this point. But if the PS3 falls short of projected revenues, Sony may be releasing these in a hurry. No matter what, it can't be as weird as this mutant creation.

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