Sony offers two new options for DVD on the go

Two portable DVD players made their debut during the 2009 Sony line show. New for this year are the DVP-FX730 and DVP-FX930.

The DVP-FX730 and DVP-FX930 are Sony's latest DVD players. Sony

Two portable DVD players also made their debut at the 2009 Sony line show . New for this year are the DVP-FX730 and DVP-FX930. The DVP-FX730 boasts a 7-inch LCD screen and 5 hours of battery life. Its screen is also covered in an antifingerprint texture, something we've yet to see on a portable player. Look for it on sale this month for around $130.

The DVP-FX930 looks like the successor to our favorite portable DVD player from last year, the DVP-FX820. We were blown away by its impressive high-resolution LCD screen and it appears the DVP-FX930 ups the ante. The player jumps from an 8-inch screen to a 9-incher with full 180-degree rotation and 6-hour battery. Available in five colors, the DVP-FX930 will be available later this month for $190.

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