Sony expands PlayStation store to PCs, PSPs

For the first time, PSP owners will be able to download games right from their PCs.

Sony on Tuesday announced that it is opening up its PlayStation Store--an online source of downloadable games and other content--to PC users. No longer will the store be the exclusive province of owners of Sony's top-end video game console, the PlayStation 3.

PlayStation Portable users will now be able to download games via Sony's PlayStation store. CNET Networks

The company said that the move means that PlayStation Portable users will now be able to download games via the store. Those games include "classic" PlayStation games, as well as a series of new PSP games available only through the PlayStation store. Existing PSP games will also be available.

Among the store PSP exclusives are Syphon Filter: Combat Ops and Beats, both of which cost $9.99 on the store.

The move is probably a good one for Sony, since it means that PSP users will be able to get access to games without having to go to a store to buy them. And for the company's video games unit, which is in strong need of a boost come this holiday season, any expansion of its market is a plus.

However, there's no way to know how much additional revenue the move will produce, and even then, how it will be offset by any overhead costs associated with the expansion of the store to a new medium.

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