Sony EX523 series review: Budget LED workhorse

The Sony EX523 series produces a solid though workmanlike picture at a price that competes well against similarly featured LED TVs.

Sony has typically been a peg or two more expensive than its rivals but is now producing some value-conscious, high-enough-quality screens.

The Sony EX523 series is an example of a television with a decent feature set and image quality that stands up well against the competition. The main difference between the EX523 and the EX520 it replaces is onboard Wi-Fi. The EX523 is an edge-lit LED TV that performs about as well as the LG LV5500, although each has its strengths and weaknesses. If you're a stickler looking for accurate colors or are bothered by uniformity issues, it's not the TV for you, but otherwise the EX523 represents a solid value.

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