Sony E3 shockers still coming?

The new PSP GO leaked over the weekend, but a Sony PR rep's twitter post claims Sony still has some E3 surprises up its sleeve.


In case you hadn't heard, pictures and a video of Sony's new PSP Go, the worst kept secret in gaming, appeared ahead of Microsoft's news conference today. After the Go leak, the question is whether the PSP announcement remains the Sony E3 headline or just a subplot.

If you're to believe Sony Computer Entertainment's representative Jake Osuwah, the company's still got a few surprises up its sleeve. "Pre-E3 announcements or not!" Osuwah tweeted after the leak, "There's still lots of shockers planned for you guys @ E3, stay tuned..."

Whether those shockers include new hardware ( PS3 Slim , accessories), software (games), or price cuts is anybody's guess, but odds are it'll be a mix of all three. While I'm not ready to bet the house on a PS3 hardware announcement, it's pretty clear that Sony has to do something to really kick-start its game console, which remains mired in third place behind the Wii and XBox 360. Simply standing pat isn't good enough.

Let's hear your predictions in advance of tomorrow's news conference at 11 a.m. PDT.

(Source: Twitter via CVG via Kotaku)


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