Sony developing new photo light sensor

Technology is similar to a recently unveiled chip from Omnivision.


A couple of weeks back, we reported on Omnivision's new CMOS camera sensor, which promised improved sensitivity in low-light shots. By rearranging the layers in the sensor, engineers were able to shift the light-sensitive diodes to the surface. This not only boosted sensitivity, but also slimmed down the device.

Now Sony has announced its development of a similar chip that works on the same basis as Omnivision's technology. The company also mentioned that the development was in-house and that there was no involvement with the Californian company.

Much to our surprise, Omnivision's take on this was quite nonchalant. It said a lot of companies have been trying to work on this technology for the past decade, and it was no surprise that Sony had managed to conceive its own backside-illuminated sensor.

According to Gizmodo, Sony is planning to implement the new sensor in its latest cameras soon. We wonder if the much-rumored full-frame Alpha 900 will be one of them, though we'll find out soon enough during Photokina in September.

(Source: Crave Asia)

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