Sony debuts new EX headphones

At CES 2011, Sony launches its new Studio Monitor Series Headphones, a line that includes two durable in-ear models.

Sony MDR-EX600 headphones

LAS VEGAS--With the glut of new Sony products unleashed at CES each year, it can be easy to overlook something as tiny and unassuming as earbuds, but the electronics giant's new Studio Monitor Series headphones managed to catch our eye. Included in the line, which is made up of four higher-end models, are two new pairs of EX earbuds.

The less expensive of the two is the MDR-EX600, which is set to retail for $200. These earbuds feature an over-the-ear cable design for a more secure fit and Sony's proprietary multiple-diaphragm speaker design, which prevents unwanted resonance and keeps the 'buds distortion-free.

Sony is also launching the MDR-EX1000, a $500 set that also features a stiff wire at the ear for secure looping. This model offers magnesium housing for added toughness and balanced audio. It also features a liquid crystal polymer (LCP) film diaphragm that serves to produce highly accurate sound. (Because the material is so rigid, it lets sound pass through with no distortion.) Hybrid silicone tips are intended to offer a comfortable fit.

Both pairs of headphones are designed specifically to maximize passive sound isolation. They're set to go up for sale on Sony's Web site this spring.

Get a closer look at all of the headphones in Sony's new Studio Monitor Series in our gallery .

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