Sony Daily Edition PRS-950 e-reader (review)

Sony's flagship e-reader, the Daily Edition PRS-950, is a capable, well-designed e-reader that offers both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity--but at $300, it's too expensive.

The $300 PRS-950 Daily Edition has a landscape mode that displays two pages side by side. Sony

Sony's PRS-950 Daily Edition is the company's current flagship e-reader, and it possesses one feature that the step-down siblings (the Reader Touch Edition PRS-650 and the Reader Pocket Edition PRS-350) in the 2010-2011 product line lack: wireless connectivity in the form of both 3G and Wi-Fi.

But that wireless connectivity comes at a price. This e-ink model carries a list price of $300, and though we've seen it discounted for less at times, it's still well over $100 more than both the 3G ($189) and Wi-Fi ($139) versions of the Amazon Kindle, as well as the more versatile $250 Nook Color. In other words, we can't say that the PRS-950 is a bargain, but it is a decent e-reader.

Instead of the 6-inch touch screen found on the PRS-650, this e-reader has a 7-inch touch screen. Like Sony's other models, this one also has the new higher-contrast E Ink Pearl display found in the latest Amazon Kindle and Kindle DX and a touch-screen interface that finally works well.

The PRS-950 Pocket Edition Reader does have a nice look and feel to it and is comparatively lightweight and compact, considering it has a larger 7-inch screen. Weighing 9.5 ounces and measuring 7.8 inches tall by 5.1 inches wide by 0.4 inch deep, it's just about an ounce more than the third-generation Kindle, an inch taller, and slightly wider all around. (It weighs about 25 percent less than its predecessor, the PRS-900.)

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