Sony Bravia Internet Video Link now supports Amazon VOD

Sony brings on-demand movies and TV content to BRAVIA Internet Video Link with Amazon Video On Demand

Sony's new support Amazon VOD Sony

Sony announced on Thursday that Amazon Video On Demand, a service that offers immediate access to commercial-free and hi-def content from Dailymotion are now available through the Sony Bravia Internet Video Link. Sony says it will make tens of thousands of premium movies and shows available for you to stream onto your TV screen over the Internet.

Amazon announced Video on Demand in July as a rebranding of its Unbox service.

Amazon users can purchase or rent movies and TV shows through the Bravia Internet Video Link's interface or from Amazon's Web site and begin watching the streaming content on a Bravia television. The Bravia also allows users to manage purchases or rented content by supporting Amazon's "Your Video Library" feature.

Dailymotion, on the other hand, offers HD and standard free content, including videos from across Dailymotion's comedy, extreme sports, news, music and independent film channels.

Amazon Video On Demand and Dailymotion channels add another two to the existing services supported by the Bravia Internet Video Link lineup, including: YouTube, CBS, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated,, CondeNet's,, Epicurious, and others.

Sony's Bravia Internet Video Link module is currently available for $300. The module requires a broadband Internet connection and is compatible with the majority of Sony's line of 2007 and 2008 Bravia televisions.

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