Sony announces Vaio L-Series all-in-one with 3D display

Sony announces a new Vaio all-in-one desktop with a 3D-capable 24-inch LCD

Sony already announced a 3D-capable standalone display at this year's show. Today it unveiled a Vaio all-in-one desktop with the same feature.

Sony updated its Vaio L-Series all-in-ones to include an option for a 3D display.
Sony updated its Vaio L-Series all-in-ones to include an option for a 3D display. Sony Electronics

We've already seen a Vaio L-Series all-in-one with a standard 2D display this year. This new 3D option effectively comes to the L-Series as another configuration option.

Unlike Sony's new 3D standalone LCD, the Vaio L-Series 3D comes by way of an Nvidia graphics chip, which means it's an active 3D technology that requires a pair of powered 3D glasses. You get a single pair of 3D glasses with the 3D screen option, and they're rechargeable via USB.

We expect the 3D L-Series will work like any similar active 3D LCD display. Sony says it will support 3D content from both PC games and Blu-ray discs. It will also support PlayStation-3-based 3D content if you connect a PS3 to the system via the included HDMI input port.

Sony says it will start taking preorders for the the 3D L-Series on July 13, and it anticipates the price will start around $1,420.

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