Songbird to fly onto Android devices

Songbird is a fun program that's part music player, part Web browser, and all about music discovery, management, and playback. In four short weeks, Android users will be able to enjoy this app on-the-go.

Songbird for Android

Fans of the free music discovery and management program Songbird will soon be able to enjoy that experience on the go--if they have an Android device, that is. The developer recently announced a beta app for the mobile operating system; those who are eager to give the software a spin can download the APK (link) for the next four weeks and submit feedback to Songbird. For people who prefer a more polished experience, the full release is expected to be out near the end of February.

So what can you expect from Songbird for Android? Well, the developer blog isn't telling us much, and our Samsung Galaxy S won't play nice with the download, so we're left mostly in the dark for now. What is certain is that the app will include a home-screen widget for controlling playback, and it's likely that most of the main features from the desktop software--namely music search and discovery, recommendations, and social interaction--will be incorporated. Beta testers seem to be enjoying the app so far, despite the known bugs that Songbird points out in the aforementioned blog.

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