Some Surface covers are splitting seams

Microsoft is replacing some covers for the Surface tablet, Priceline names its price for Kayak, and GameFly adds PC games for download.

CNET Update is counting the cracks:


Friday's tech news roundup looks at Priceline's biggest deal yet. It negotiated to buy rival travel website Kayak for $1.8 billion.

Microsoft is replacing broken Touch Covers for the Surface tablet. Some customers have reported seams splitting where the keyboard cover connects to the tablet.

Verizon plans to roll out 4G LTE to all of its coverage areas in the U.S. by mid-2013.

GameFly, the Netflix for video games, has launched an online shop for PC game downloads. Subscribers of GameFly have unlimited access to play hundreds of Windows games. And for a limited time, non-subscribers can download BioShock for free.

If you need some help organizing lists for the holidays, try the Evernote app. It's been updated for iOS to make it easier to find notes.

AT&T is allowing FaceTime video calls over its network for customers with tiered data plans using LTE (that includes the iPhone 5 and latest iPads). Before, AT&T only offered that feature to Apple users with the new shared data plans. Those with an old unlimited data plan still won't be able to use FaceTime over AT&T's network. Tiered data customers with older iPhones are also limited to Wi-Fi only.

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