Soldiers shot, stabbed, bombed and ... lose their lunch?

USMC commissions Electromagnetic Personnel Interdiction Control "vomit ray."

Once again, the U.S. Marine Corps--that bastion of compassion--is leading the way to a kinder, gentler battlefield by commissioning a non-lethal "ray gun" that uses radio-frequency energy to drop the enemy without causing permanent damage.


The Electromagnetic Personnel Interdiction Control (EPIC) "vomit ray" would disrupt the victim's vestibular system, interfering with the "normal process of human hearing and equilibrium." The effect is disorientation, confusion and ultimately extreme motion sickness, rendering the victim "ineffective."

USMC specifications call for the device to work through walls, a convenient way to keep your boots well clear of the action.

Military brass aren't the only ones interested in EPIC. "The ability to remotely incapacitate a human being without permanent damage would be a landmark event in the field of civil law enforcement," according to the Navy Small Business Innovation Research Program.

Maybe let the bulimics lead the march at the next G8.

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