Solar storm fuels stunning auroras (video)

You couldn't ask for a better show for a night out in the elements. A time-lapse video shows the auroras produced by this week's solar radiation storm.

High in the northern hemisphere was the place to be for stargazers this week as a solar radiation storm created spectacular auroras.

Chad Blakely of Lights Over Lapland took this time-lapse video Tuesday night when the blast of matter from the sun's atmosphere was most intense on Earth.

A specialist in aurora photography, he told CNET that he shot the video at the Abisko National Park in Sweden and that it was an incredible show. He shot this video over the course of three hours with a group of other photographers along with a few others this week.

The solar radiation storm was the strongest since 2003 and was rated a moderate event. Some flights that normally fly over the North Pole were rerouted to avoid any potential communications mishaps and added exposure to radiation. No major problems with satellite GPS systems were reported.

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