Software updates available for Palm Treo 700w/700wx

Palm releases software updates for the Treo 700w and the Treo 700wx, bringing dial-up networking and A2DP support.

Palm Treo 700wx
Palm Treo 700wx CNET Networks

It's not the Windows Mobile 6 software upgrade that some of you may be pining for, but Palm has released updates for the Verizon WirelessTreo 700w and Treo 700wx smart phones. The updater for the 700w brings support for dial-up networking (DUN), the A2DP Bluetooth profile for stereo Bluetooth headsets, Today screen enhancements, new dialing preferences, and additional compatibility with Bluetooth car kits. Sadly, Treo 700wx owners don't get as many perks, but you do get A2DP support, DUN improvements, and more daylight saving time features. Both updates are available now for download from Palm's support Web site.

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