Soap. Dunk. Blow.

A dish scrubber allows you to clean the dishes while making bubbles.

With the piles of dish scrubbers on the market, finding the right one was a somewhat dirty operation. There were so many things to consider: regular or mini sized, mesh or sponge, soap squirter or standard, Walgreen's or OXO. And though I've been known to enjoy doing the dishes, my main goal was to find a scrubber that expedited the process. That is until I met the Bubble Scrubber.

Incorporated into this souped-up scrubber is a large bubble wand that sends a combination of Dawn and microbial remnants of last night's spaghetti into the air. It isn't the best performing scrubber I've ever used, and similar to the commuter/weekend car principle, it's a good idea to have another one lying around. But it sure does make sterilizing fun.

($4.99 via Core77.)

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