So many comic book films, so much potential revenue

Den of Geek posted a story detailing 75 comic book based movies that are currently in some form of production.

Kick-Ass is one of my most anticipated comic book movies--and I've yet to even read it. Marvel-Icon

Den of Geek posted a story Monday detailing 75 comic-book-based movies that are currently in some form of production.

Look, I love a great comic book movie as much as the next guy, but for every Dark Knight or Iron Man, there are a few Ghost Riders, Constantines, and Incredible Hulks (although I personally liked the film).

If I had to pick one from the list to be most excited about, Akira would get that distinction. If you've ever read Katsushiro Otomo's orginal comic book with the same name, however, you'll know that no one film can contain the power within those pages. Here's hoping for a big budget franchise and all Asian actors, please.

Our copy editor Jeff Sparkman is no doubt hoping for this. He's a real nerdy nerd.

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