'Snow Surfster': Sledding for Boomer bodies

It cushions you from the elements.


So maybe sometime this winter you'll get the hankering to go outside and do something after all--or maybe the batteries will run out on your RC snowmobile toy. Either way, you might wish there was a way to enjoy the snow in repose, just as you do in your summertime activities.

Herrington may have the answer with its "Snow Surfster," an inflatable sled that promises to make you feel like a kid again while cushioning Boomer-aged bodies from harsher elements. While its Durantex shell provides durability, according to the product description, molded EVA runners on the bottom give it Segway-style control just by leaning.

The best part, from our slothful perspective, is that the 46-inch-long Surfster deflates in seconds and can be carried easily, unlike old-fashioned toboggans that need to be lugged back up the hill.

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