Snitch and reporting native PowerPC code: a follow-up

Snitch and reporting native PowerPC code: a follow-up

Regarding our previous note about Snitch erroneously reporting ObjectSupportLib as a "Native Only App," Snitch author Mitch Jones explains that this message appears as a result of a check for certain CODE and cfrg resources; it doesn't actually check whether the file is an application or not. "I think what Snitch really should say is that the shared library 'contains PowerPC native code'." He also adds that, in order to save time, its check for native code is not exhaustive and that some files with native code (especially extensions and control panels) may not be listed as such. Essentially, don't place too much stock in this particular feature of Snitch.

PowerCenters and Xclaim VR: a conflict?
9600 Accelerator and Xclaim VR: a conflict?
a. A reader who wishes to remain anonymous claims that there is an unresolved conflict between Power Computing's PowerCenter models and the ATI Xclaim VR card. According to the report, Power Computing has a program underway to track down and solve the compatibility issue.

b. Fred Evans reports that ATI confirms that the 9600 Graphics Accelerator extension conflicts with the Xclaim VR card, - with the result that your Mac will crash. This is similar to the situation with the Graphics Accelerator 1.0.5 extension that came with the 9500 - which ATI warns about in its Xclaim documentation.


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