Sneak peek of 9G Kuro coming to Asia

Pioneer's latest plasma is shown in Japan.


We've received a heads-up from our Pioneer source on a recent Japanese launch of its videophile-grade 9G Kuro. This delivers five times better dynamic contrast than the U.S.-centric PDP-6010FD, promising even richer blacks than any existing Kuro plasma TVs on the market.

Furthermore, the KRP-600M's 100,000:1 rating puts it in the class of the recently announced Panasonic Viera TH-65PY850M. That said, the former is strictly a full-HD monitor, shipped without an onboard TV tuner and loudspeakers.

It also features multiple remote LEDs for enhanced infrared control in dark home theaters, as well as a sleek 41- to 64-millimeter profile for a 60-incher. According to our contact, the 9G Kuros should be reaching Asia by October. This sounds like eternity by today's standards, but possibly a worthy one considering the fact that these are the last bunch of Made-by-Pioneer plasma panels. Officially, that is.

(Source: Crave Asia)

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