Smule makes your iPhone go boom

Smule introduces Sonic Boom, an app that turns your iPhone into a virtual firecracker.


In September, Smule introduced Sonic Lighter, an iPhone and iPod Touch app that's basically nothing more than a virtual lighter. Not very exciting honestly.

The folks at Smule have been working on something a bit meatier in the meantime though: the company's follow-up to Sonic Lighter, Sonic Boom. Sonic Boom turns your iPhone into a virtual firecracker, using your finger as the virtual match.

Just flick your finger along the screen, touch the fuse, then sit back and watch the fireworks--the fireworks in this case being a virtual firecracker exploding into several hundred pieces of polygonal debris.

You can even customize your explosions by grafting a pic from your iPhone's photo library onto the firecracker. Potentially sadistic? Well yes, of course, but it's all virtual, right?

One of the coolest features is the ability to see what are supposedly real-time Sonic Boom explosions by people around the globe. Also, if you have a second iPhone with Sonic Lighter, you can use it to light the fuse of the firecracker on your first phone. Talk about synergy.

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