Smile for the stick

Swiss company offers "camera on a stick" for urban warfare, SWAT applications.

'Giraffe' camera used in extreme conditions Macroswiss

Thank goodness Princess Di is resting in peace, because this latest camera innovation would have surely made her life a living hell.

The ultimate paparazzi tool, the "Giraffe Pole Camera" developed by Macroswiss is basically a 21st century version of the World War I trench periscope but with greater capability, according to Gizmag. Think of it as something like a military version of the " Quick Pod ."

The Giraffe is mounted on an aluminum telescopic pole that can extend up to 18 feet, allowing it to record images "from locations that are too difficult or too dangerous to reach by other means," according to the manufacturer. The recorded images are sent to a TV display worn on the body.

More important, its digital video recording and low light/thermal sensors make this "camera on a stick" perfect for documenting those awkward toe-licking encounters so coveted by inquiring minds.

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