Smartphones owners easily forget mobile ads

A new study shows that the majority of smartphone owners don't remember the ads that appear on their devices, and if they do, they're not inclined to buy the product.

Example of mobile advertising. Respond

The general thought in the tech world is that mobile ads are something companies should be intensively focusing on -- since it could be a good source of revenue.

But, are these ads resonating with users?

A new study shows that most smartphone owners admit to not remembering mobile ads, according to The Next Web.

In the study, which was conducted by ad solution company Azullo, 1,014 U.K. smartphone owners were asked if they could remember an advertisement they'd seen on their device in the last six months. Only 21 percent said yes.

What's more, when Azullo asked respondents if they could recall any brands, products, or services in displayed ads, 53 percent of the people said no. It didn't get much better from there. Of those who did remember an ad, only 14 percent said it made them want to buy what was displayed.

Part of the problem may be because people can't really see mobile ads. Of all the respondents, 39 percent said the ads were "too distorted" to discern.

"Most mobile ad formats are adapted from desktop. Banners ads are squeezed to fit far smaller spaces, with resulting compromises in clarity," Guy Cookson, co-founder of a branch of Azullo called Respond, told The Next Web. "Graphical ads are also often slow to load over mobile networks. This is no way to engage an audience, to invite discovery, to inform and delight."

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