Smartfish moving keyboard leads the fight against carpal tunnel

The Smartfish Pro:Motion Automatic Moving Keyboard periodically shifts positions to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Keyboards typically don't get the attention they deserve, but perhaps they should. According to Smartfish Technologies and a recent study by the U.S. Department of Labor, more than 28 million Americans suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or some other repetitive stress injury due to repeated use of computer keyboards.

Smartfish Technologies recognizes the need for a more ergonomic solution and developed the Pro:Motion family of products, starting with the Automatic Moving Keyboard. The researchers at Smartfish found that the static nature of the most commonly used keyboards are the main cause of carpal tunnel, so they partnered up with a design firm to develop an innovative design. The Automatic Moving Keyboard keeps track of your typing activities and trends and periodically repositions the keys as you're typing to allow for a full range of variable motion. These "7 Stages of Comfort" cut down on the discomfort caused by repetition, and Smartfish claims that the user will experience increased productivity as a result.

A robotic keyboard that moves around on you sounds goofy, but the Pro:Motion is so discreet that after awhile, the user won't even notice its motorized movements. The keyboard also features an integrated wrist rest for increased ergonomic comfort. The Smartfish Pro:Motion keyboard is available now for around $130.

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