Smarter bookmarking with Add to Any

This tool will read your browser history to give you sharing and bookmarking links to your most visited/used services.

You love this story and you want to Digg it. Or maybe you want to put it on Reddit. Or maybe you're just in love with Delicious and feel like saving the story there. We're open to anything, but we don't always know your tastes.

The same goes for a lot of sites, which is where Add to Any has created a really smart sharing tool that will read your browser's mind instead. Well, actually it will just give your history a once over to do the heavy lifting. Based on where you've been the most, relevant sites for sharing will come up in the very top of the menu. If none are there you can also expand the menu downward to choose from one of the 200 other sharing and bookmarking sites.

It's not unlike other competing services that do the same thing (ShareThis and Add This), although it's the only one of the three giving people targeted sharing options based on what they're probably using. In case you're wondering what happens if you've got your browser history turned off or are working off a public computer, the top of the list will just revert to the dozen most popular sites by use.

I've embedded the widget below. Feel free to give it a spin.


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