Small Samsung LCD TV earns budget laurels

Although not as feature-heavy as some models in its class, Samsung's LNB360 series takes the picture quality cake among entry-level LCDs.

The Samsung LNB360 performs well for a cheap HDTV. Sarah Tew/CNET

To a bargain HDTV shopper, the array of small-screen LCDs must seem inexhaustible and indistinguishable, but among recent models we've reviewed, the Samsung LNB360 stands out with the best picture quality. It's no home theater superstar, mind you, but it managed to beat out the entry-level LCD competition in the important arena of black-level performance.

It does cost a few more bucks than many of its competitors, and it lacks some noteworthy features (like side-panel inputs), but if you're looking for a small LCD that gives "good enough" picture for less, the LNB360 series certainly qualifies.

Read the full review of the Samsung LNB360 series.

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