SLR skins encase Sony Alpha, battery grips

Camera Armor is expanding its range of tight-fitting body suits for SLR cameras.

Camera Armor can protect battery grips Camera Armor

Camera Armor has a sensible idea--form-fitting silicone rubber skins to protect your high-end camera gear against shocks, muck and water. You can buy these for cheapo iPods, so why not your $3,000 SLR?

Camera Armor got its start with the most mainstream SLRs from Canon and Nikon. It's extended its product line since the last time I checked in, with products to encase the Sony Alpha A100 SLR and a much broader array of Canon and Nikon models. Prices range from $50 to $80.

In addition, the company now sells $20 skins for Canon and Nikon add-on battery grips, which typically screw into the base of most SLRs to boost battery life and make it easier to shoot vertically oriented shots.

Just one question: Where are all the funky colors that show up on the Web site, like red and greenish yellow?

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