Slip-on wine thermometer assures a good time

The Trudeau Digital Wine Thermometer make it easy to decide which bottle is ready to open.

Know exactly which bottle is ready to drink. Crate and Barrel

Enjoying a bottle of wine with friends automatically makes any bottle a good one, but it's even better if it's properly chilled.

The Trudeau Digital Wine Thermometer makes it easy to determine the temperature without opening the bottle. An LCD readout coordinates with a sensor that determines when the gadget is in contact with a bottle, and then automatically reads the temperature. Featuring a stainless steel cuff that slips on to the neck of the bottle, the portable thermometer goes wherever a bottle of wine can go.

With recommended serving temperatures printed directly on the cuff, the easy-to-use accessory allows wine drinkers to decide what to open when. Enjoying the wine is then easy, which just leaves the hard part: getting everybody to agree on which particular variety to drink.

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