Slicing salad spinner serves speedy salads

Salad spinner makes it easy to cut and wash salad ingredients with one gadget.

For easy salad preparation. Bed Bath & Beyond

Salads are greater than the sum of their parts. Much more is involved than simply chopping up some stuff and throwing it into a bowl; the construction of a salad depends not only on ingredients, but also proportions, preparation, and a knack for understanding collective tastes. No matter what salad you may be serving, before it goes in the big serving bowl, it all has to start with the prep work.

While salad preparation can consist of mixes and dressings and scrubbing and peeling, at its simplest form, salad is basically cleaned vegetables cut into a bowl. The Slice 'n Spin Salad Spinner with Built-in Mandolin combines cutting and washing into one convenient kitchen gadget, minimizing prep time while saving space. The mandolin is integrated right into the lid, so when cutting veggies with any one of the three interchangeable blades, the results end up directly in the bowl. The hand-crank salad spinner wicks water away from washed vegetables, allowing you to fully prepare a mixed salad with this one unit.

Salad has rightfully attained a delicious loftiness in which the versatile dish can offer something for everyone. By combining two essential salad-related tasks into one, salad-lovers everywhere can dig into leafy greens and healthy vegetables with a minimum of prep time. While finding the perfect salad may still be up to you, preparing it can be done quickly and easily with this all-in-one unit.

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