Slice your bagels, not your fingers

BagelPod bagel slicer's design protects your fingers from cuts


As much as I love eating bagels for breakfast, I hate to buy the kind that aren't already sliced. Because slicing bagels is such tricky business, I either visit the corner store to buy a prepared breakfast bagel, or I buy packs of bagels that are already cut and decorate them at home.

The problem with this method is twofold: first of all, the packages of presliced bagels are never nearly as flavorful as the bigger varieties that they sell down the street from my apartment (I live in New York, land of the amazing bagel); second, if I venture to buy in bulk from the corner store, they're stale before the sun comes up on the following morning, especially if they're already sliced.

Though the BagelPod isn't the first automatic bagel slicer on the market, it might be the safest. It can tackle even thicker bagels and rolls, but has a design that encloses the cutting blade in a way that the user couldn't even touch the blade if they tried. The pod is opened by setting the cutting lever to its upright position. After closing the two enclosure halves around the breakfast bread of choice, the cutting lever is pressed downward around the edge and the bagel is released, perfectly sliced.

The BagelPod is available for $19.95. You can see a video of it in action here.

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