Skype lands in Nokia's Ovi Store

The free Skype app for Symbian smartphones is now available from Nokia's Ovi store.

Yesterday, the only good way to get Skype for Symbian on a Nokia Series 60 smartphone was to download it from Skype's Web site or a site like CNET On Wednesday, Skype announced that its VoIP calling app is now available through Nokia's Ovi storefront.

The free Skype app for Symbian smartphones (which really should be renamed Skype for Nokia) has the usual Skype features of placing and receiving VoIP calls and support for IM and international SMS. Beyond the basics, this build is also capable of transferring files and integrating with the phone's camera and address book. Skype is not be available on all Nokia models.

We're a little surprised that it's taken Skype so long to get its app listed in the Ovi catalog, especially since the Ovi store came into being in just about 10 months ago. Still, new and existing users will find it easier to keep the communications app up-to-date on their phone.

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