Site posts video of iPod being smashed

If you caught wind earlier in the month of a new site,, and have been anxiously awaiting the posting of video, well, it went up Friday night. Watch away, but put aside 10 minutes to do so, and prepare for a slow first half.

The video is targeted at those members of what just might be a growing anti-iPod movement. But, putting all judgment aside, it's likely to also appeal to those who just get pleasure out of seeing carefully crafted devices smashed into pieces.

"Yegor," a 19-year-old Toronto resident, launched the site, "dedicated to people who hate the 'iPod Revolution,'" in early October with a simple ambition: raising enough money to buy a 20GB iPod that he would smash on video, right there at the store. He succeeded. However, in a surprise plot twist, he gets kicked out of the Yorkdale Apple Store.

On the site, hosted by, Yegor clarifies that he doesn't hate Apple. In fact, "You may also notice that this site's design has some similarities with MacOS. My beef is with the iPod, not Apple," he said.

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