Silverware for little hands

Classic flatware-maker Oneida offers a line of child-size flatware, perfect for small hands.

The Chateau Child & Baby Flatware Oneida

There are plenty of plastic spoons and forks meant for children just figuring out feeding themselves. Inevitably, though, a kid is going to want the same sort of silverware as Mom and Dad; after all, if the grown-ups get shiny flatware, kids are going to want them, too. Oneida, known for its flatware, has a compromise between letting children jump straight to full-size forks and keeping them stuck with plastic versions that can't even pierce a piece of food: the Chateau Child & Baby Flatware.

The Chateau line of flatware has six pieces, which you can order in a variety of combinations: a baby fork, a baby spoon, a feeder spoon, a child's knife, a child's fork, and a child's spoon. They're all designed specifically for a child's hand, but they're not so big that you can't feed a baby with them, either. The various sets available from Oneida range in price from $12.99 to $24.99 and include anywhere from two pieces to six pieces. You can even purchase a set of just spoons. Each piece is stainless steel, as well as dishwasher safe. These sets will last for years, and can make for a great gift if you know someone who is expecting.

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