Sift just a spoonful

Add just a dusting of powdered sugar--or anything else--with the Powdered Sugar Sifter Spoon.

The Powdered Sugar Sifter Spoon Miles Kimball

Certain desserts call for a sifting of a little something over them: powdered sugar on brownies, or spices on custard, for example. But I don't really want to get out my sifter or, more often after making dessert, clean it out, just to make sure that dessert looks special. The Powdered Sugar Sifter Spoon offers an easier option, letting you tap just a little sugar or spice out over a dish, without having to deal with a big sifter.

The Powdered Sugar Sifter is stainless steel, with a design not so different from the typical spoon. The handle is curved to help you minimize mess while easily holding on to the sifter; the bowl is shallow, measuring 2 inches in diameter. It may not hold a lot, but it's much easier to deal with than a big sifter when you're working with a small amount of any ingredient. The sifter should only be washed by hand, but you can easily reuse it between different dry ingredients--like switching between powdered sugar for your French toast or cinnamon on a hot drink--without a trip to the sink. The Powdered Sugar Sifter is available for $2.79.

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