SideLink remote control brings SideShow to the desktop

You've seen how cool SideShow is for laptops, now check out what it can do for your Media Center desktop

Microsoft and Interlink have been showing off a new Media Center remote control with SideShow capability. Ingeniously dubbed the SideLink, the device has an integrated full-colour display that lets you access and manipulate media with or without turning on your PC monitor or television.

We've seen similar Media Center remotes in the past, but none quite as feature-rich. The SideLink lets you view the TV programme guide on the remote's 64mm (2.5-inch) screen while you watch the main programme on your television or monitor. You can also schedule and browse recordings, and view images and videos.

The remote uses Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you select songs by artist, genre and so on, from anywhere in the home. Unless you live in a massive mansion, that is -- you may be out of luck if you're in the guest wing and your PC is in the games room. Microsoft says the maximum range is 100m.

The SideLink is expected to go on sale at the same time as Vista (that's 30 January, kids) and will work with any Vista Media Center PC. -RR


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