to launch 'deep-tagged' video feature for NFL draft

To launch when draft picks are announced.

Football-loving couch potatoes rejoice: here's a new way for you to get your NFL fix on during the tragically long off-season., the online arm of Sports Illustrated, will be launching a new video portal, NFL Draft FilmRoom, so that you'll have access to video highlights of each of the college football players who have been selected to the NFL's 2007 draft. (If you're not a football fan, FYI, this is a huge deal.)

The picks for the '07 NFL Draft will be announced on April 28 and 29 in NYC.

NFL Draft '07's FilmRoom Gotuit Media

The power behind this portal is Gotuit Media, a video start-up that specializes in metadata "deep-tagging" so that it's easier to search for content within videos. SI FilmRoom won't have the user-generated deep-tagging features found in Gotuit's SceneMaker offering, which is a bit of a shame, because it'd be cool to see what happens when that kind of technology is offered to sports fans eager to dissect the draft picks. But you'll still be able to search and check out the players' college career highlights in an impressive level of depth: you can select by name, school, position, NFL team, mock draft order, or actual draft order. In addition, you can use the embedded "deep-tags" to jump to particular spots in videos that highlight touchdowns, sacks, catches, interceptions, and all kinds of other football moves. Presumably, this will all be accessible shortly after draft picks are announced.

And in case you're a revenue-model geek: it's supported by pre-roll and mid-roll advertising.

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