Shure shrinks earbuds

Shure releases new SE model earphones to follow up the 420 and 530.

The Shure SE535 (left) vs. the SE530 (right) Jasmine France/CNET

LAS VEGAS--Shure on Thursday announced an update to its higher-end SE earphones, and while it may not be revolutionary, it's certainly welcome. Around the end of spring, you'll be able to pick up the SE425 for $299 or the SE535 for $499.

The new headphones feature the same inner circuitry as their predecessors, the SE420 and SE530, meaning you'll get the same stellar sound quality as with the previous models. However, the design updates to the earbuds are rather significant.

Namely, each pair has been noticeably slimmed down, making these 'buds an easier fit for more people. Plus, the earpieces will come in a clear option as well as the brushed metal of the earlier generations. In addition, the earpieces are removable from the cable, making it simple for the user to replace the latter in the event of breakage.

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