Showstoppers: Wrist-ey business for toting gear

If you're sick of carrying a purse around just to hold your gadgets, the Showstopper out of Australia offers a hands-free alternative in the form of a zippered wrist-worn pouch.

range of Showstoppers
This photo is misleading: You actually can get a Showstopper that's not a shade of pink. Showstopper

Ever find yourself bringing a purse along somewhere for the sole purpose of having a place to stash your cell phone and/or MP3 player? The Showstopper out of Australia offers a hands-free alternative in the form of a zippered wrist-worn pouch offered in enough styles that you can probably make it look like part of your outfit.

Showstopper on wrist

Creator Stacey Cole was tired of lugging around a hangbag to hold her essentials and didn't think her valuables were safe in her boyfriend's pocket (but that's their issue). Also, she didn't find the typical arm pouches, travel wallets, and belt purses particularly fashion-forward.

So she conceived of the Showstopper, which comes in styles including hot pink, shiny red, gold leopard print, floral patterns, and even a corsage version with a little bouquet attached for weddings, formal dresses, and ball gowns.

There are a few slightly more understated men's versions, with waterproof Showstoppers on the way, as well.

Different styles come in different measurements, going up to 5 inches long by 2.7 inches wide by less than half an inch thick--just enough room for an iPhone and little else. They sell for between $40 and $50, with free shipping for those Down Under and some extra change for the rest of us.

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