Shower your Creative Zen with gifts

CNET rounds up cases, speakers, and more for the Creative Zen line of MP3 players.

The holidays are here again, meaning it's the perfect time to shower your MP3 player with gifts--accessories, to be exact. And while we're getting specific, let's focus on one particular family of players: the Creative Zen. The iPod gets plenty of love in the portable audio accessory space, but it's not the only device that has products made specifically with it in mind.

The Creative Zen Stone, the Mozaic, the X-Fi, and the plain ol' Zen all have a gaggle of gear fine-tuned to fit. But since I know you have enough on your plate without scouring the Web for the perfect accoutrements, I've done all the busy work for you and rounded up a handful of worthy accessories for every budget. Whether you're spoiling yourself or stuffing the stocking of a loved one, you should find a great gift herein.

See our lineup of cool accessories for the Creative Zen.

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