Show your pizza who's boss

A circular-saw shaped pizza cutter lets you take charge of your dinner.

That's what I'm talking about. Fred and Friends

Pizza night is a staple in our house--it's my go-to meal when I really don't have the energy to make something that requires more effort, when I forget to defrost meat the night before, when I don't start thinking about dinner until the kids start asking for get the picture. We eat a fair amount of pizza in this house.

I'm thinking that the Pizza Boss 3000 might be a fun addition to pizza night. It's an ordinary pizza slicer dressed up as a circular saw, but without all the potential lethality of a true power tool. Which is good, because pizza doesn't need all that power.

You can remove the shield from the blade for easy cleaning, and the whole thing is in a delightfully compact package, which lets you feel kind of like a giant when wielding it in your hands. From Fred and Friends, natch.

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