Shootsac totes lenses in style

Shootsac's lens-only bag comes with with interchangeable covers.

Shootsac interior
Shootsac interior Shootsac

I was standing on the floor of the PhotoPlus Expo show with Phil Ryan this morning, looking at some huge, holster-style camera bags and complaining about the lacks of bags designed to wrap around, rather than pile atop, a woman's hips. Serendipitously, I ran into the Shootsacbooth, crowded with femme photogs, about twenty minutes and two aisles away.

The Shootsac is a flexible, basic-black padded neoprene case designed specifically to hold lenses. It's got six vertically oriented pockets for stashing your optics, plus a velcro-attached flop-over cover that you can replace with any number of attractive alternatives.

Shootsac covers
Shootsac covers Shootsac

Though not just for women--we later ran into a couple of guys in the pressroom with Shootsacs draped across them--the ingenuity of the bag is that because the lenses hang in flexible, individual compartments, the bag drapes around the contour of your hip rather than extending from the side of your body.

However, I'll have to wait to determine whether it's as practical as it seems--and whether it's worth the rather pricey $150-plus-bucks--until I get to drape one around myself.

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