Sharp's LED TVs get ultraslim design

Sharp announces its ultraslim televisions for 2012, with sizes ranging from 42 inches up to 70 inches, with edge-lit panels and smart-TV features.


LAS VEGAS--Sharp has announced its ultraslim televisions for 2012 in sizes ranging from 42 inches up to 70 inches, with edge-lit panels and smart TV.

The five-model 640/540 Series, which features what the company calls an "ultraslim and narrow-bezel design," comes with an X-Gen panel. The TVs have edge-lit-LED screens and feature 120Hz motion compensation.

The TVs include the new SmartCentral user interface and come with more than 100 apps, including CinemaNow, NetFlix, and Vudu. They come with DLNA and onboard Wi-Fi, as well as the Aquos Advantage Live on-screen support service, and they have four HDMI inputs as standard.

Sharp 640/540 series features:

  • Edge-lit LED with X-Gen panel
  • Ultra-Slim and Narrow Bezel Design
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • Smart TV with SmartCentral
  • Onboard Wi-Fi
  • Four HDMI inputs

Sharp 640/540 series models:

  • Sharp LC-70LE640U 60-inch, available March, $TBD
  • Sharp LC-60LE640U 70-inch, available March, $TBD
  • Sharp LC-52LE640U 70-inch, available March, $TBD
  • Sharp LC-46LE540U 70-inch, available March, $TBD
  • Sharp LC-42LE540U 70-inch, available March, $TBD
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