Sharp goes portable with two new iPod speakers

Sharp today has announced two new portable iPod speakers, the DK-AP8P and the DK-AP7P.

The DK-AP8P Sharp

We've seen our fair share of iPod speakers, the vast majority of which don't let you take them on the go. Sharp today has announced two new iPod speakers for such a task, the DK-AP8P and the DK-AP7P.

The larger, more powerful AP8P has a very unique design, with its front face plate also doubling as the system's control panel. The magnetic cover actually comes off the system itself which makes for an interesting remote control. The AP8P and AP7P both offer 2.1 sound with built-in subwoofers and compatibility with iPods and the iPhone. Better yet, the portable systems will charge your music player while docked.

Both models include an internal battery that should net you around six hours of playback. Also, both units have auxiliary line inputs that will let you connect any device with a headphone jack. Keeping with the on the go mentality, each also includes a soft carrying case.

The DK-AP7P Sharp

The DK-AP8P and DK-AP7P will be available in a glossy black finish this month for $190 and $130, respectively.

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